Sonja and Elisa Jane Carmichael

‘Undertow’ at the Freemantle Arts Centre is now open to the public, exhibiting from 4 February – 25 April 2022. Curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, the exhibition features the work of Onespace represented artists Sonja and Elisa Jane Carmichael.

“Undertow explores the relationships we have with the oceans and seas, ever-changing bodies of water in constant flux, as places of arrival and departure, places of transformation and as places of deep ancestral connection.”

“(within this exhibition) Quandamooka mother and daughter team Sonja and Elisa Jane Carmichael will present newly commissioned works that speak to saltwater life, inherited custom and making traditions of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island, Queensland). These quietly poetic yet deeply resonant works offer moments of reflection, while reaffirming the significance of matriarchy and collective practice in the maintenance and transference of cultural knowledge and making practices.”

We extend our congratulations to Sonja and Elisa Jane Carmichael, Glenn Iseger-Pilkington and the Freemantle Arts Centre for this poignant new exhibition.

Profile Image: Saul Steed. Courtesy of the artists and the Art Gallery of South Australia. Installed Artwork: Sonja and Elisa Jane Carmichael, Dabiyil Bajara, 2021, 6 cyanotypes (each 5.5m x 2.8m), Cyanotype on cotton, ungaire, ghosnets, recycled materials, synthetic fibres, metal. Installation Image: Courtesy of Freemantle Arts Centre.