Teho Ropeyarn

as part of Tarnanthi 2021

15 October 2021 - 30 January 2022

We are very excited to share Ropeyarn’s three monumental (in scale, concept and technique) prints Ipi (water, rain), Ayarra (rainy season) & Ani, Ipi, Achah (land, water, sky). This suite of new works created for Tarnanthi 2021 celebrates the natural world, its environmental elements, and the spiritual relationship that connects the land, sea, and sky to the people of Injinoo Country (Cape York, Queensland).

“His profound love of family and home is palpable within each piece. The artist transcends beyond confines of the human body to explore and inscribe his position within the natural world from multiple vantage points. Ropeyarn’s hand is intuitively guided by memory, feeling and a deep sense of knowing. We experience his spirit reverberate across the paper’s surface and into the ether, manifesting and communicating Country.” 
– Emma Loban (Kulkalgal, Meriam and Wuthathi) [catalogue essay writer]

Onespace Gallery would like to also extend a huge thank you to the AGSA team and their Director Rhana Devenport,  Tarnanthi’s Artistic Director, Nici Cumpston, as well as Tarnanthi’s principal partner, BHP and support from the Government of South Australia. We acknowledge that Tarnanthi happens on the Country of the Kaurna people, the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains.