Quandamooka Artist Collected by The British Museum

Elisa Jane Carmichael

Onespace Gallery is delighted to announce a series of artworks by Quandamooka woman Elisa Jane Carmichael have been acquired by The British Museum. Titled Gulayi for our jundal (Women’s bag for our women) #1-#6, the acquired artworks consist of a series of six delicately woven, silk-coated wire baskets. This addition to the Museum’s collection is a significant step in preserving the technique and wisdom carried in contemporary fibre works by Quandamooka women. 


Gulayi for our jundal (Women’s bag for our women) #1-#6 honours six generations of Elisa’s matrilineal ancestors and features a significant Quandamooka diagonal knot technique that was only recently revived by Elisa’s mother, Sonja Carmichael. Baskets from Quandamooka Country woven in the 1800’s are in the collections of the British Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum in the United Kingdom. Elisa was one of the first Quandamooka women to visit and 

hold the baskets in the Pitt Rivers Museum since they were taken from their family and country. The knowledge and revival of the Quandamooka diagonal knot signifies a huge step toward the rejuvenation of Quandamooka’s unique weaving practices. 

Feature Image: Blurb