Yesterdays Today, Carrying Change

Kyra Mancktelow
Yesterdays Today, Carrying Change, 2021
Monoprint, ochred paper, 350gsm Hahnemuhle paper, 81 x 30.5cm
$750 (SOLD)


An act of resilience pervades Kyra Mancktelow’s evocative print made using a woven dilly bag and titled Yesterday’s Today, Carrying Change (2021). Worn strings are tangled together in the print which is paired with an ‘artist’s book’ constructed from woven circular mats joined by kangaroo bones. Mancktelow describes her pivot as “a response, in two and three dimensions, to translate the same story” concerning the suppression strategies practised under Queensland’s Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897, which impacted her Quandamooka heritage. She uses a combination of traditional and contemporary materials to mourn the disruption to weaving traditions but also preserve traditional practices, with the mats representing the artefacts and vessels used by her ancestors. “Kangaroo skin was used as a water vessel, bone awls were used for weaving and these well-used dillies call to the historic nature of a useful item while presenting a contemporary physical existence.”

Image: Casey Coolwell. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.