Wunjayi Yagabili (make today)

Sonja Carmichael and Elisa Jane Carmichael
Wunjayi Yagabili (make today), 2020
Cyanotype on cotton, 240 x 274cm


Materials used to create cyanotype: ungaire; woven objects: bunbi, string, marine debris, fishing ropes, nets and eugaire.

‘Wunyayi yagabili’ represents a metaphor for bringing together elements of our culture, restoring cultural practices and celebrating our resilience. It expresses how coming together connects us in a shared way that brings collective energy.

Our series of cyanotypes is our own visual documentation of our Country and our history. The blues are deep like the ocean and saltwater waves. In the landscape of the cyanotype are stories of our island home. Each cyanotype tells a different story. Together they form a group of our history as Quandamooka women. They reference the hardships Aboriginal women have lived with and honour the women in our life past, present and future – Elisa Jane Carmichael and Sonja Carmichael.

Photo: Grant Hancock. Courtesy of AGSA and Onespace Gallery.