Where the wild things are

Brian Robinson
Where the wild things are, 2018
Linocut (unframed), 53.5cm x 100cm
Editions 4-15/15 available


These are the things that bump in the night . . . .

Where the wild things are takes it’s title from the award winning children’s novel by Maurice Sendak. In this work we see a row of bizarre cult monster toys perched on a flowing shelf of minaral, the incessant patterning that is derived from traditional designs from the Torres Strait. In among this created chaos is a voodoo vile full of elixir that sets the mood for this disturbing lineup.

Monsters are a staple of fantasy fiction, horror fiction and science fiction the world over. Usually they are vampires, werewolves, mummies and zombies so these creations are not your stereotypical and traditional monsters.

The underpinning concept behind this print denotes the use of puri purithe black magic of Torres Strait twisted with a slightly disturbing yet humorous element to it. It also recounts the tales told to children by their parents, uncles and aunties and grandparents about the wild things that lurk in the dark that wait for misbehaving and naughty kids.

Photo: Michael Marzik.