The Realm of the artificial tabernacle

Brian Robinson
The Realm of the artificial tabernacle, 2017
Etching – in collaboration with Elizabeth Hunter (unframed), 100cm x 50cm
Editions 3-18/20 available


[C-3PO] Hello I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. How may I be of assistance?”

Define artificial tabernacle.

[C-3PO] Human kind, indeed all living things have always been tethered to aging and death. Mankind’s quest for immortality is not new and has taken many forms through the centuries, with various elixirs, magical charms, and famous artefacts such as the Philosopher’s Stone all reputed to grant everlasting life, however, for all of our mastery of technology and medical knowledge, it is an inevitable, inescapable fate for us to grow old and die. For thousands of years there have been those who would avert this creeping certainty of aging [those that went to the darkside] who would break the cycle of deterioration, death, and decay. The quest for a way to remain young forever has consumed mankind and throughout history, across a wide range of cultures, there has been a strong belief in lost magical springs, mythical potions and sacred rituals that claimed to have the purported ability to restore youth, stop aging, indeed to staunch the inexorable march of death.

The infusion of life, death, religion, science fiction and film twists and turns this print, The realm of the artificial tabernacle and brings to light the fantasy of an immortal existence as well as our planet’s advances towards artificial intelligence, a planet full of unwritten histories and uncharted mysteries.

Photo: Michael Marzik.