The morphology of light

Ross Booker
The morphology of light, 2020
Ink, gesso and graphite on paper, 92cm x 125cm (framed)


My artwork is based on regular excursions into arid inland Australia, country where I’ve walked for many years.


I describe the geology through line, defining the topography through contours, mapping the tracks of my travels. These landscapes hold great mystery for me—the unfathomable notions of deep time.


During 2020, closed borders cancelled my pilgrimage into the outback; I had no immersive experience on location.


In the studio, I continued to rely on my memory of place, my numerous journals and countless photographs.


I used the lockdown and the slowdown to reflect and consolidate. I returned to basics: for me, that is the act of drawing.


The bushfire and COVID-19 crises are evident in these drawings. Black emerged at a heightened pitch; ink and graphite permeated my palette.


Drawing helped me regain my balance.


As we DEPART 2020, we face a novel paradigm of an uncertain future.

For me, this period of unsettling disconnection has led to an expanded vision and new ways of working.

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