Jennifer Marchant
Spineline, 2020-21
Aluminium (2 Pak painted) with stands, 35cm diameter x 0.02cm
AP + Edition of 3


The simplicity of the circle and the economy of the fold renders an artist’s book/pivot at its most refreshingly elemental. Jennifer Marchant’s Spineline (2020-21), a black gloss circle on the wall is folded; the matte circle beneath appears as a heart shape when angled upward, their position the pivot between two and three dimensions. She writes, “The fold becomes the line which connects the inside and outside. The space in-between is the pivot point between horizontal and vertical.” With its blackness conjuring the void or the abyss, this artist’s book is an existential plea for difference despite apparent identicality, a sameness that may also express individuality.

Image: Cian Sanders. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.