Ny London 1911-2016

Annique Goldengerg
Ny London 1911-2016, 2021
Digital print on Hahnemühle paper in a dark timber frame, 47.5cm x 72.5cm (framed).


Human impact is the subject of Annique Goldenberg’s artist’s book virtuosity of being: overbeing (2021) and digital print Ny London 1911-2017 (2021). Her ‘book’ is suspended within a tube: it has the appearance of crumpled paper but was shaped by water, gravity and time, printed with binary numbers and circled with copper wire (the latter alluding to communication technologies across the world). The accompanying wall photograph records an extreme environment in Svalbard (the High Arctic), named Ny London by an english prospector in 1911. Goldenberg’s photograph records their (failed) attempt to mine marble from this environment, with rusty machinery abandoned in an otherwise pristine environment. The pivot between these works records the devastating imprint of humanity and technology on natural elements, with their intriguing aesthetic a lure toward the urgency of greater environmental awareness.