Zoe Porter
Mutations, 2018
Watercolour and ink on paper (float mounted in white frame), artwork 49.5 x 51cm, frame 66 x 72cm.


This series of watercolours are derived from photographic documentation of performances, found imagery, as well as using an automatic approach. Each of the works in these clusters alludes to a narrative, featuring the body in a state of flux and existing in an otherworldly yet slightly recognisable environment. In response to the series of watercolours created in 2016, Alicia King, Anomalies (catalogue essay) has described the watercolours as being “…inhabited by anthropomorphic figures that seem displaced, drifting between human and animal, place and statelessness.  Like hybrids in a state of transformation, these fluid subjects merge in and out of their natural environments. They bring to mind the enduring human desire to free oneself from the realities of humanness and become animal, and in this way invoke a primal relationship to nature – a now almost mythological space for humans to occupy”.

Photo: Louis Lim.