Keep the Sunshine

Sebastian Moody
Keep the Sunshine, 2016
Digital print on 100% cotton rag archival matte paper
18 x 37cm – $350 (framed)
29 x 60cm – $500 (framed)
49 x 130cm – $990 (framed)


Keep The Sunshine is the latest text-based work by Brisbane artist Sebastian Moody located on the Goodbye Wall at the Brisbane Airport International Terminal Building. The public art work features large letters made out of yellow perspex and aluminium, lit with LED lights.

The artist proposes the phrase, ‘Keep the sunshine’, as a contemporary travel blessing—a new way of saying goodbye. When we say goodbye to one another, we do so with our best intentions, respect, and kindness. ‘Sunshine’ is used as a metaphor for a good life, vibrancy, health, wellness, and positivity. The artwork is meant as a meditation for travellers at that moment immediately prior to their point of departure, so that they might reflect upon what can be kept and what must be declared when they are leaving or returning home. In this way, Brisbane is making a positive declaration first—farewelling travellers with friendliness, warmth, respect, kindness, and humour.