Michelle Wild
HOPE, 2020
Bound artist book made of multiple etchings on paper, 17 pages, 30 x 28cm


Michelle Wild’s pivot includes Witness (2020), a large, etched aluminium panel featuring the letter “W” and attached to the wall, and an encased artist’s book of bound etchings titled Hope (2020). Together, they explore the ambiguity and thresholds (visual, personal, political, ethical and cultural) of hospitality. The book encourages viewer interaction through the physical casing and the act of unfolding and refolding the pages. Wild suggests, “the viewer is invited to cross the multitude of thresholds and into a space where the roles of guest and host are in a state of flux… [with the] hope that every encounter … is one of hospitality not hostility.” The dramatic colour and sumptuous presentation of the book Hope engages the senses, while the cool materiality of Witness generates a pivot that evokes a contrast between private and public thresholds.