Global Happiness Spiritually Unfit

Sebastian Moody
Global Happiness Spiritually Unfit, 2020
Acrylic on board, 30.6cm x 30.6cm


This painting is a small formal investigation on language and meaning. Two phrases/ideas “Global Happiness” and “Spiritually Unfit” are presented on spheres that are bent and massaged to interlock with each other. In this way they try to pull off some formal gymnastics to be able to be read together as well as maintaining their original identity.


This year the world has never felt so close together as everyone has been directly affected by the pandemic. This presents a profound opportunity for healing and change or maybe it’s just a chaotic mess. I think this comes down a lot to our own outlook—within reason, of course. We still have choices of how we engage with things, or do we? Maybe we only have choices of how we see things. 


I’m interested in these phrases as being very 2020 while also being curious to see how they age and change as time goes on. Words are, after all, living things. The phrases are as prophetic as they are nonsensical—perhaps indicative of my faith in the virtue of the absurd.