Fragments of Redlands: the eucalyptus

Tamika Grant-Iramu
Fragments of Redlands: the eucalyptus, 2020
Vinyl-cut on Hahnemühle paper
Paper Size: 68.5 x 95.5, Image Size: 50.5 x 88.7cm


Fragments of Redlands: the eucalyptus focuses on an iconic tree within the Australian landscape. The eucalyptus brings a sense of nostalgia; a personal nostalgia for me growing up surrounded by these trees, and one that also connects me with others through the shared experience of Australia’s native environment. Relief print carving is not simply used as a tool for visualising this environment but rather, captures my visceral impressions – the sparse yet minute details of the eucalyptus, the feeling of currents flowing through the branches bringing memories of the lightning filled skies of Australian summer storms, the tearing of bark showing the history of this tree as it sheds its own past experiences. This constant randomness within nature corresponds with my own organic carving process. There is an importance in the connection between the artistic process and myself as the medium, as it allows a new dialogue to come into play.