Fragments of Haugesund II

Tamika Grant-Iramu
Fragments of Haugesund II, 2020
Vinyl-cut on Hahnemühle paper
Paper Size: 43 x 24, Image Size: 29.5 x 19.8cm
Editions 2 + 4-10 of 10 available


Fragments of Haugesund brings together several unique prints that offer an insight into my encounters with Norway’s native flora and rocky terrain. When I first visited the small coastal town of Haugesund, I was struck by the vibrant yellow and purple flowers that dominate the landscape. Stepping further into the environment, I noticed the intricate line work travelling through grey rock surfaces, with glimpses exposed among the flora and opening out into cliffs of patterned detail. As I trekked up to the surrounding mountain forest, these patterns and colours were laid out before me, but from a place where the trees towered overhead—almost eerie in its atmosphere.