Claudine Marzik
Mixed media, 29cm x 20cm x 4.5cm


Living and working in north Queensland (since 1988) is Claudine Marzik, whose experience of the extremity of the seasonal change in the tropics may be heightened by her Swiss origins. Her artist’s book ECOTONE (2021) interprets her series of paintings Dry Season (2020), bringing the seasons, habitat and weather together with a layered clashing of disparate elements that unfold throughout its serial presentation. The pivot in her work is drawn from the connections she makes between the landscape in Far North Queensland and its painterly expression (she uses spatulas to drag and manipulate the paint), with a sense of the climatic extremes and variety of environments reflected in the force of her method. Her landscapes describe a seasonal progression: the wet rainforest, the savannah, the woodlands and lowlands and sclerophyll forest.

Image: Michael Marzik. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.

Please note: the additional images depict different pages of the same book.