Dodecahedral - Castle Hill

Jo Lankester
Dodecahedral – Castle Hill, 2021
Multicolour plate intaglio print, 3 parts, Cover sleeve: 25 x 12.5 x 4cm; Open books: 25 x 25cm each; Closed books: 25 x 12.5cm.


Jo Lankester is well known for her printmaking practice, etching her north Queensland landscape and its extremes into the psyche. Her memories developed as Dodecahedral – Castle Hill (2021) relate to the physical experience of the Dianella Track that she walks regularly on Townsville’s Castle Hill. It reflects what she sees during seasonal change, particularly lichens. “They change colour; during the wet, the greens are very vibrant and clumps of orange emerge. During the dry, they taper off into grey and silver.” Lancaster’s memories from her observations are intuitively abstracted in the studio over a week or two; while these prints unfold like topographical features, their genesis is associative, with stitching that navigates the eye through their wandering depths.

Image: Cian Sanders. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.