Dipnomorpha 1

Zoe Porter in collaboration with Megan Janet White / Stormbodies
Dipnomorpha 1, 2017
digital photograph of live collaborative performance.
A1 – Edition of 5 Available – $450 each.
A2 – Edition of 5 Available – $250 each.


Dipnomorpha (2017) was a collaborative performance event between Zoe Porter (concept, collaborative costuming and choreography), Megan Janet White (director/choreographer of Stormbodies butoh troupe and collaborative costuming/concept), light and smoke installation by Matt Dabrowski and the Many Hands of Glamour/members of Stormbodies and ambient electronic sound by Exploko. The Stormbodies who performed as part of Dipnomorpha were Megan Janet WhiteAlice GittinsJames ScottJo Booth and Robyn Mill. This performance was part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival and took place in the Queensland Museum forecourt area. This performance was based on the Queensland lungfish, which has been considered as one of the ‘surviving links in the evolutionary chain between fishes and amphibians’ (Queensland Museum).

In her essay, Zoe Porter: Collaboration and Kinship (2017) Carol Schwarzman describes the performers as being: “… the players in this pantomime are free agents – improvising together within the form rehearsed until enacted before an audience. The lungfish participates through imagery and archetype, and is an equal – the strong force partnering animal nature with human nature, activating shared zones of becoming”. This site-specific work brought together an immersive sound scape, strange butoh dance movements and live action (drawing/painting). The performers’ choreography was based around the lung fish inhabiting both land and water whilst also responding to the drawn imagery and mark-making on the scroll throughout the performance.

Photographer: Luke Going