Crossing Over

Ruth Cho
Crossing Over, 2021
Handmade pop-up book using lino-cut prints in an embossed hard cover book, 35 x 27cm (closed)
AP + Edition of 5


Ruth Cho’s artist’s book Crossing Over (2021) features linocuts depicting the Tasmanian tiger and the Asian tiger. Using stylistic contrast, she explores her feelings of displacement and her multicultural identity, which creates “a space between my Australian and Chinese/Korean roots”. She draws parallels between the displacement of the Asian tiger and that experienced by “non-white European Australians due to their physical differences”. Yet, the lively form of the book, which oscillates between two and three dimensions, engages nostalgia (for childhood books) in its ‘pop-up’ presentation. The personalities of these two animals extend this book “to manipulate the space it inhabits and take on a new life of its own”. It creates new ground where freedoms, formal and conceptual, may be accommodated and even embraced.

Image: Cian Sanders. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.