Carving Memories: continued line, continued place

Tamika Grant-Iramu
Carving Memories: continued line, continued place, 2019
Vinyl-cut on Hahnemühle paper
Left panel: 180 x 80cm; Middle panel: 200 x 80cm; Right panel: 160 x 80cm
Editions: 1AP + 2 – 3 available

Left-hand Series: $2,000
Middle Panel: $2,500
Right-hand Panel: $2,000


The strong, fluid line that travels across the panels in Carving Memories: continued line, continued place represents the continuation of story from one place to another. How we are influenced by our previous encounters can affect how we inform the rest of our path to grow. Throughout the carving process and exploration of organic forms in this piece, I have attempted to create a type of visual language, as the play of movement, rhythm and propagation of line work develops into a distinctive conversation. Shifting the horizon line within each of the pieces also shifts the proscribed perspective from which we’ve learned to view artworks. Each piece offers new ways into the intricate patterns and details of the triptych, changing how the audience engages with the work—what they discover, what they notice.

Artwork Photo: Carl Warner.

Solander Box Photo: Louis Lim.