Carving Memories: a new dialect

Tamika Grant-Iramu
Carving Memories: a new dialect, 2018
2 block vinyl-cut on Hahnemühle paper
Diptych: Approx. 55 x 130cm total (Each piece approx. 55cm x 65cm)
Editions: 1AP + 4 – 5 of 5 available


Carving Memories: a new dialect develops imagery focusing on observations of organic patterns and forms. The flora of my natural surroundings portrayed in this work captures memories, resonating moments that offer glimpses of my experiences. These are not static but have grown and evolved along with my changing environment. As the first piece in the Carving Memories series, this work’s investigation of the irregularity of line, form and direction acts as a catalyst to represent the fluidity of these experiences. Brought up in Western communities, I have struggled with notions of identity, and my creative practice has played a central role in me connecting with my Indigenous culture. My passion towards printmaking and a deeper connection to my heritage have encouraged me to explore expression through carved line as a way to represent story, place, memories and relationships