Carrying home #1 (saltwater)

Elisa Jane Carmichael
Carrying home #1 (saltwater), 2017
Digital print on rag pearl paper (unframed), two sizes available:

A1 Edition (59.4 x 84.1cm)
Editions 1-5/5 Available
$500 each

A2 Edition (42 x 59.4cm)
Editions 6-15/15 available
$200 each

Photo: Freja Carmichael


Carrying Home is a dual portrait of myself. It’s about who I am today and my place as an Aboriginal woman: a saltwater woman living in desert country. By living in desert country, I have learnt that saltwater is with me wherever I go. I am carrying home with me. Wearing my own woven garments, fish traps, and adornments, I stand in locations five minutes away from my home in saltwater country and five minutes away from my home in desert country. I carry the sea with me wherever I go.