Blue Stage: Kinked Puppets

Bill Platz
Blue Stage 1: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 2: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 3: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 4: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage Cancelled: Kinked Puppets, 2021
Five drypoint prints (carbon fibre plate) on stained Hosho paper with body colour; wood, flocking, felt and thread.
Frame: 44cm x 37cm x 16cm | Prints: 23 x 34cm
$990 each
$4,500 (full set of 5)


The pivotal metaphor is used by Bill Platz in an ongoing artistic investigation of drawing based on distancing the artist’s hand by manipulating large parasitic hybrid puppets. Another childhood reference, this time to the Dr Dolittle series, is evident in his group of Blue Stage: Kinked Puppets. Platz hybridises the “pushmi-pullyu” into a (similarly double-headed) classical centaur motif, but it also echoes the area between two and three dimensions. Rich blue colour and expressive drawings are contained in an ornate frame, with a central bend like a book/frame hybrid. Platz writes, “These are all ‘hinged’ creatures—to extend the metaphor of the pivot … between the image and object, the frame and the book, and the puppet and puppeteer”. In their playfully stepped platforms, the “frames” around these pupped images also evoke an altar, ironically elevating artwork to iconographic status.

Image: Louis Lim. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.