BARI Festival 1

Zoe Porter
BARI Festival 1, 2016
Digital photographs of a live collaborative performance between Zoe Porter (artist), Hsin-Ju Ely (contemporary dance/The Farm) and Exploko (live sound)

A1 – Edition of 5 Available – $450 each.
A2 – Edition of 5 Available – $250 each.


This performance took place in a small disused warehouse space in Bowen Hills as part of the Brisbane Artist Run Initiative festival. The performance merged live painting, video projection, contemporary dance and ambient sound where the space was transformed into a surreal and immersive environment allowing interaction between performers and audience. The performers were dressed in costume, donning animal-like appendages and soft-sculpture/crochet forms bringing together art, installation, theatre, live sound and dance. A large-scale organic painting, featuring the performers, was created in front of a live audience. This work explored the process of creating an artwork in a live setting as well as investigating concepts relating to the animal-human hybrid form in order to present other ways of being.

Photographer: Graeme Auchterlonie