A concoction of elixirs

Brian Robinson
A concoction of elixirs, 2018
Linocut (unframed), 80cm x 135cm
Editions 1-15/15 available


The artist extends this visioning of the complex maelstrom of influences that shapes his navigation through life with the major new print A concoction of elixirs. Like an alchemist, he conjures an elusive elixir of understanding from many sources: goblet, amphora and Assyrian vase representing classical mythologies; Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait) cultural references of skull and coconuts; the pop-art meme of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can; and the stimulation of coffee pods and cocktails. Distillers, filters and bubbling condensers are the processes. This heady mix is held together by the dynamic movement of swirling Torres Strait patterns known as minaral, binding all this like the strong sea currents that tie the island cultures together.

Virginia Rigney, room brochure essay, 2018

Photo: Michael Marzik