18 June - 31 July 2021

Across June and July, Onespace Gallery presents its second iteration of PIVOT – a group exhibition dedicated to the exploration of the ‘artist book’. PIVOT II sees a focus on the complexities surrounding where 2D works stops and 3D forms begin. Viewers will explore this oscilation across an array of practices and mediums as PIVOT aims to investigate this ‘hinge’, which shifts an artist’s work from an unencumbered public encounter, to a more intimate insight into their practice.

PIVOT II includes a stellar line-up of Australian artists including: Ana Paula Estrada; Annique Goldenberg; Bill Platz; Carol McGregor; Claudine Marzik; Daniel Sherrington; Glen Skien; Jenna Lee; Jennifer Marchant; Jo Lankester; Jody Rallah; Keemon Williams; Kyra Mancktelow; Michelle Wild; Ruth Cho; Sebastian Di Mauro and Thomas Oliver.