18 June - 31 July 2021

Across June and July, Onespace Gallery presents its second iteration of PIVOT – a group exhibition dedicated to the exploration of the ‘artist book’. PIVOT II sees a focus on the complexities surrounding where 2D works stops and 3D forms begin. Viewers will explore this oscilation across an array of practices and mediums as PIVOT aims to investigate this ‘hinge’, which shifts an artist’s work from an unencumbered public encounter, to a more intimate insight into their practice.

PIVOT II includes a stellar line-up of Australian artists including: Ana Paula Estrada; Annique Goldenberg; Bill Platz; Carol McGregor; Claudine Marzik; Daniel Sherington; Glen Skien; Jenna Lee; Jennifer Marchant; Jo Lankester; Jody Rallah; Kyra Mancktelow; Michelle Wild; Ruth Cho; Sebastian Di Mauro and Thomas Oliver.

Friday 25 June, 4-8pm (must RSVP – please see link below)


Ana Paula Estrada
I CANNOT SEE YOU, 2018-ongoing
Artist Book, Unbound, Handmade Paper (100% cotton), 10 pages.
Edition of 1 of 5 available. 21cm x 15cm.

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Blue Stage: Kinked Puppets

Bill Platz
Blue Stage 1: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 2: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 3: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage 4: Kinked Puppets
Blue Stage Cancelled: Kinked Puppets, 2021
Five drypoint prints (carbon fibre plate) on stained Hosho paper with body colour; wood, flocking, felt and thread.
Frame: 44cm x 37cm x 16cm | Prints: 23 x 34cm
$990 each
$4,500 (full set of 5)

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Ink slows the burn

Carol McGregor
Ink slows the burn, 2021
1823 English Mortgage Indenture on vellum (calf skin), Giant Centipede (Scolopendromorpha) blue triangle butterfly (Graphium sarpedon),63.5 x 91cm. Book: flora (native and weeds) resists on cotton rag paper, kangaroo tail sinew, beeswax and entomology pins, 22.5cm x 21cm.

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Waste books

Glen Skien
Waste books, 2020-21
Handmade bound books, polaroids, handwritten text and collage, 120cm x 80cm (16 books) – each approx. 21 x 11 x 2.5cm,
Editions 1-15/15 available
HISTORY’S POSSESSION 1-5 (white): $750 per book | Full set: $3,500
METAPHOR 1-7 (yellow): $750 per book | Full set: $4,950
FABLE IN BRIEF (red): $850
HISTORY WHEN SHOULD I RETURN? 1-3 (black): $850 | Full set: $2,250

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Fable in Brief series

Glen Skien
Fable in Brief series, 2016-2019
Mixed media – polaroids, graphite drawings, handwritten text and bees wax. 24 pieces – each 25 x 17cm
Box 1: $450 per piece
Box 2: $4,950 series of 12

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Playing for keeps

Jenna Lee
Playing for keeps, 2021
Altered book cover, found box, ink on handmade paper using pages of ‘The Lost Boomerang’ book, 10 x 13.2cm
$2,500 (SOLD)

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The Lost? Boomerangs

Jenna Lee
The Lost? Boomerangs, 2021
Ink on handmade paper using pages of ‘The Lost Boomerang’ book, Series of 4 sheets – each 15 x 21cm.

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Dodecahedral – Castle Hill

Jo Lankester
Dodecahedral – Castle Hill, 2021
Multicolour plate intaglio print, 3 parts, Cover sleeve: 25 x 12.5 x 4cm; Open books: 25 x 25cm each; Closed books: 25 x 12.5cm.

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Michelle Wild
WITNESS (W), 2020
Etched aluminium panel, 100 x 60cm – from a series of 7 (W I T N E S S)
$3,750 for the set of 7 letters

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Michelle Wild
HOPE, 2020
Bound artist book made of multiple etchings on paper, 17 pages, 30 x 28cm

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Jennifer Marchant
Spineline, 2020-21
Aluminium (2 Pak painted) with stands, 35cm diameter x 0.02cm
AP + Edition of 3

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Carrying Change

Kyra Mancktelow
Carrying Change, 2021
Kangaroo skin, palm sheath, raffia, kangaroo bone, 83.5 x 20cm (opened), 20,5cm diameter (each panel).
$1,500 (SOLD)

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The Forest (series)

Jody Rallah
The Forest (series), 2021
Sculpted fibre from native plants and cotton, Wall piece: 5 elements, 1 large sheets 76 x 57cm, 2 medium sheets 30 x 20cm, 2 small sheets 18 x 16cm.

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Ruth Cho Crossing Over, 2021 Handmade pop-up book using lino cut prints, embossed hard cover book, AP + Edition of 5, 35 x 27cm (closed)_Photo-Cian Sanders_LR

Crossing Over

Ruth Cho
Crossing Over, 2021
Handmade pop-up book using lino-cut prints in an embossed hard cover book, 35 x 27cm (closed)
1AP + Editions 3-5/5 available

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I’m Still Hear

Thomas Oliver
I’m Still Hear, 2021
Mixed media (1/4″ audio tape, paper and typewrite ink), framed, found box and phone. Framed works: 35 x 85cm (together), Box: 26 x 9.5 x 5.5cm.

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