Onespace Artists Feature in TRACE

Have you heard about the incredible works sprinkled throughout West End that make up TRACE 2019? Go for a wander through West End and discover them for yourself!

All works are currently being auctioned online, check them out and place a bid here:

Proceeds go towards the inspiring community group that is Community Plus+


IMG_7090 IMG_6662 IMG_3715

Find Onespace Artists at:

Nicola Moss

‘Green Commons I’

Addwest Shoe & Luggage Repairs- 75 Vulture Street St


Brian Robinson

‘Feeding the family pets’

Southbank Locksmiths- 79 Vulture St


Samuel Tupou

‘Evermore 3.14’

Kim Tanh- 81 Vulture Sr


Zoe Porter

‘Goat Girls’

The Fat Carrot – 179 Boundary St


Amy Carkeek

‘You can’t learn by forgetting’

Hall’s Jewellers & Watchmakers – 116 Boundary St


Jackie Ryan 

‘Nerd Rage (Cause of Death: Classifieds- Episode 3 Part 2)’

Where the Wild Things Are – 191 Boundary St