Nicola Moss_2017_Youkobo_Photographed by Bozzo

Nicola Moss at HOTA

Nicola Moss is an Australian artist based on the Gold Coast. Her works explore the value of healthy environment to communities and individuals, with a focus on the sense of well-being, contact with green space, can provide in our everyday lives. Recently represented by Onespace Gallery, Moss presents her first solo exhibition in her home town, Breathing in Trees, at the Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts (HOTA) from October 20 until November 25, 2018.

During residency at Youkobo Art Space Tokyo in 2017, Moss researched the green spaces of Tokyo’s densely populated metropolis. Plants observed in the ground – street trees, parks, home gardens – are heavily pruned and structured almost like architecture. In contrast, local streets revealed personalised pot plant collections, gathered on doorsteps and hanging from window grills. Moss explains: “To my eye these organic accumulations of green appear ‘wild’, yet contained without roots in the ground. The expression of individuality and freedom in these mini environments, cobbled from containers of previous use and recycled materials, intrigued me.”

Breathing in Trees presents a contrast between Suginami City and the Gold Coast – similar populations but vastly different geographical sizes. This exhibition presented Moss with the opportunity to explore the influence of green spaces in generating social cohesion and liveability of built environments.

Nicolal Moss_Tokyo wild - Tree in hand_2018_Photo Carl Warner

Image: Nicola Moss | Tokyo wild – Tree in Hand, 2018, Assorted papers, synthetic polymer paint, collagraph and relief prints, charcoal frottage, oil crayon, ink, ochre, watercolour and matt varnish on stretched linen. 150 x 200cm. Photo: Carl Warner – Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.