Dan Elborne

Dan Elborne is an artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. His preferred working material is clay. Primarily, Elborne creates ceramic installations and sculpture, which intersect personal experience with broader-reaching subjects and historic events. Conscious of the historical and metaphorical potency of ceramics; Elborne utilises the inherent vulnerability, preciousness and permanence of his chosen material to address sensitive topics and instances of profound personal resonance and affect.


Elborne has exhibited extensively within Australia; including shows at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery (TRAG) in Toowoomba; Artisan, QCA Gallery & The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane; Conny Dietzschold Gallery & Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney; the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum & Science Gallery in Melbourne; Australian Parliament House in Canberra and Plimsoll Gallery in Hobart. Alongside this, Elborne’s work has been published and is part of both public and private collections across the globe.


Internationally, Elborne has participated in a number of artist residencies in France, Denmark, Iceland and Japan; some of which were supported by grants and/or scholarships. Alongside exhibiting at the location of those residency institutions, Elborne’s work has shown in London, Helsinki, Sweden, Copenhagen and Philadelphia.


Between 2011 and 2014, Elborne completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (majoring in visual art) with First Class Honours through the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Between 2016 and 2019, Elborne completed a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) through USQ, which, via practical and written outcomes, focused on the role, relevance and responsibility of contemporary art in representing atrocities and trauma.

Selected Works

Current & Past Exhibitions


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