Nicola Moss

Breathing in trees

19 October – 25 November 2018

Onespace Gallery is pleased to congratulate Head of Curatorial Projects (Gallery), Diana Warnes and Gallery Director, Tracy Cooper-Lavery on the presentation of Nicola Moss’ latest body of work, Breathing in trees, exploring the innate human desire to connect with nature.

Breathing in trees is a delicate observation of the intertwined relationship between the human experience, the built environment and urban green spaces. Moss has created compositions of organic forms, cutting and layering paper and working with a variety of media – charcoal, watercolour, oil pastel, ink and ochre.

In writing about this body of work, Louise Martin-Chew states:

Breathing in Trees accepts that change is inevitable and notes the beauty in what exists. Against the backdrop of the local and global environment in transition, Moss’s interest in analysing what is important is gently appreciative. This exhibition shows her careful attention to “listening” to the language of trees.”
[catalogue essay, Louise Martin-Chew, 2018]