Jay Younger and Amy Carkeek
Exhibtion Opening
Onespace Gallery
3 August 2018

ONExchange | Jay Younger, Amy Carkeek and David Broker In Conversation

Onespace was pleased to recently open double exhibition, Jay Younger’s Demagogues and Megalomaniacs and Amy Carkeek’s Welcome to the Dreamhouse. These two exhibitions, presenting vastly different work, both come together under the roof of Onespace Gallery to comment on the way we look at the world within the current political climate. Opening night occurred on Friday 3 August, 2018 but prior to the opening night celebrations both artists were joined by journalist and Director of Canberra Contemporary Artspace, David Broker. David spoke of his personal association with Jay and Amy and discussed their process, drives and underlying key themes of these new works.

Listen to the full discussion here:


Jay Younger’s recent work employs a photographic process using smoke and mirrors, a concept based on the magician’s practice of distracting an audience with reflections and a burst of smoke. Demagogues and Megalomaniacs introduces appropriated news images of high-profile and ‘notorious’ politicians, both here and abroad, to reveal their deceptive agendas.

Welcome to the Dreamhouse conveys a nostalgic world where children play happily. As if unaware of the menacing and imminent darkness that has found them—or possibly only too aware—the small figures continue about their doings, masked and armed, yet seemingly unaffected. Through the modification of these discarded childhood, and mass produced domestic objects, the ceramic figurines take on a replacement narrative and a new veneer. By masking their past surface, the figurines now reveal their hollow façade.


Jay Younger and Amy Carkeek Exhibtion Opening Onespace Gallery 3 August 2018

Photo: Emma Wright