4 December – 21 December 2019

No Australian animal or marine creature captivates our national psyche more than our indigenous sharks. They divide us like no other creature in our ecosystem. The more they diminish in numbers, the more they loom omnipresent in our consciousness. They headline sensationally in all manner of news media, but our understanding of sharks is dominated disproportionately by fear. Shiver brings together a group of Australian artists of various backgrounds—including Australian First Nations artists and artists with Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, or European heritage—who dare to enter these open waters.

Shiver’s line-up of artists include: Leah Emery, Kevin Finn, Christine Holroyd, Glen Mackie, Justin Majid, Deb Mostert, Gary Namponan, Daniel O’Shane, Elysha Rei, Brian Robinson, Dr Ken Thaiday, Pamela See, Syd Bruce Shortjoe, Peter Solness and Samuel Tupou.

Opening Night: Thursday 5 December, 6-8pm

Image: Brian Robinson, Kursi Malu Yawa Garka (detail), 2019, mixed media, 75 x 200 x 51cm. Photo: Michael Marzik. Courtesy of the artist.