Glen Henderson
A Wider Sphere - form and function

1 May – 1 June 2019

A Wider Sphere – form and function is Glen Henderson’s visual exploration across medium which coincides with her investigatory interest in major cultural change.   With the internet being the most transformative technological development in human history, machines can now provide different channels of communication when it comes to visual art. Glen Henderson will engage the audience by challenging ‘how we look at art’ through digital videos, painting,  original digital print compositions, constructed form, drawing and diagrams  with handwritten text. On entering the exhibition space, the responsive eye of each viewer is drawn to one point. The viewer then freely moves in any direction at any speed as they explore and re-explore the inter-relatedness of meaning through the visual elements of form, colour, tone, line and direction within the space. ‘Looking’ then becomes ‘seeing’.


Opening Night: Friday 8 May, 6-8pm

ONExchange Conversation: Friday 25 May, 6pm